Burn Finish Concrete

Burn finish Concrete’ might sound confusing, but it is just that. It is concrete that has been finished without any aggregate being exposed. Concrete that must be finished in this manner is laid down flat and as level as possible, considering that no materials are being removed or added. The leveling is an essential step in the burn finish concrete because if the surface is not flat, it will start looking like a ripple.

Coalesce is the company to call when you are looking for someone to get the perfect burn finish for your concrete surface. This is because we use a flawless technique that allows the surface to be completely level, and our team of skilled experts make sure that the application of the helicopter and the time it takes to achieve the look are perfectly in sync.

How do you create the burn finish concrete effect in your surface?

Our expert concrete technician will arrive at your site and first ensure that the surface is level, dried out, and set properly. Remember that this process requires patience – it will be more durable the better cured it is. Once the concrete is as desired, our expert concreter will use the helicopter to create a burn finish so that the surface of the concrete becomes black. This is the first step in the process.

Once the entire surface is black, it will take two weeks before the Coalesce Team comes back because this fortnight is required to let the surface rest and cure.

The next phase is ensuring the concrete is protected before the polishing begins. You wouldn’t want cracks or damage to the surface when polishing it using heavy equipment. You mustn’t let the floor stain before the polishing starts, so painting or getting other work that can leave polish or paint colours should be avoided in those two weeks. This is because the stains will sink into the exposed concrete, and removing them will require grinding and exposing the aggregate, which will impact the burn finish effect.

The concrete must be protected before polishing. Moreover, it is essential to safeguard the unpolished and exposed concrete when there is work being done around the area because paint stains or other marks on the unprotected surface cannot be removed. Make sure that nails are not left on the surface to rust and that there is no timber or paint cans on the surface. However, once the surface is polished, then most stains can be wiped off.

The Coalesce team of skilled concrete technicians is there to help you ensure that the cement surface is protected from all these different kinds of staining. They will give you complete care instructions and will be in touch with you within two weeks of curing to ensure that the surface is protected and the work is done without any delays.

Once the two weeks are over, our team will complete the project and hand it over to you to use as you please. So what are you waiting for? Call now to book a consultation!