Concrete Dincel Walls

Concrete Dincel Wall installation

The globally patented Concrete Dincel Structural Walling is a permanent polymer formwork for walls and columns that, when filled with ready-mixed concrete, creates an affordable, robust, and long-lasting structure. Comparing Dincel Structural Walling to conventional concrete formwork is not appropriate. When filled with concrete, the Dincel panels form a fully waterproof wall thanks to a special, proprietary snap-lock connector that allows for quick and simple installation.

Dincel panels are lightweight, requiring no cranage or scaffolding, increasing safety and maneuverability on-site, and enhancing worker safety. Coalesce is the best installer for the concrete Dincel wall and comes highly recommended. Get in touch with us right away to start your installations if you need assistance with them or would like to speak with a qualified contractor.

Your concrete construction project will get off to a strong start with the help of our expert concrete Dincel wall installation services, which will also uphold high safety requirements while saving you time and money. Dincel interlocking wall panels were created for use in residences, commercial buildings, and civil construction projects. They take advantage of snap-lock technology for quick assembly without scaffolding. 

Benefits Coalesce provide

Additionally, because concrete Dincel walls are lightweight, handling the panels is simple, accelerating construction time and lowering labor expenses. Dincel walling doesn’t employ temporary molds, unlike traditional formwork techniques. The project’s finished concrete Dincel walls—tough, durable structures that are simple to maintain—become a part of it. The fact that Dincel wall panels require less excavation and clearance is an additional benefit. They also meet or exceed safety standards and building laws and are non-combustible, environmentally friendly, and waterproof.

High-quality Concrete Dincel wall installation services are offered by professionals at Coalesce for all purposes, including residential buildings, commercial construction, and civil works. For many years, their team has worked with Dincel and similar items. The Coalesce crew has years of expertise installing Dincel equipment, and we are renowned for our flawless execution, quick work, and high levels of professionalism.

For individuals who want to save time without compromising quality or making shortcuts, Dincel is an excellent solution. Our team of skilled installers can swiftly and efficiently install walls using interlocking panels created by Dincel without the need for scaffolding to slow you down.

Why choose us

With the help of our concrete Dincel wall installers, you may have a special walling system that:

  • Prevents concrete corrosion
  • Gets rid of air spaces and honeycombing.
  • Improves the concrete’s structural soundness.
  • Does not require steel reinforcing.

We uphold the greatest standards for our client’s satisfaction, professionalism, and quality of work. To learn more about how our services for installing concrete Dincel walls might benefit your concrete construction project, contact us today.


Insulated concrete forms (ICF), stay-in-place forms made of fiber cement and metal sheet cladding, traditionally formed in-situ concrete walls, precast/tilt-up walls, conventional brick walls, concrete infilled block walls, and others.

The wall is constructed by snapping (clicking) together Dincel hollow formwork panels. This unique snapping action guarantees a quicker, safer installation. Steel reinforcement can be added to the interior of the wall as necessary while joining panels. Concrete is then simply poured inside the Dincel formwork once this is finished. To speed up the installation procedure, the system includes accessories including corners, caps, guides, and joiners.

The technology has built-in crack inducers that serve as junctions for the Dincel wall’s shrinkage and mobility. Therefore, joints are not necessary for conventional crack control purposes. However, it might also be necessary to carry through and incorporate building construction joints (joints in suspended slabs) into the concrete Dincel wall.

An extra polymer skin is added to a concrete wall to create a Dincel wall. This skin serves as both “lost formwork” and a protective membrane, which is a bonus. This implies that the Dincel skin simply increases the anticipated life of a concrete wall.

Concrete buildings have incredibly long lifespans, as has been understood for decades. Due to the installation of steel reinforcing, which can be prone to corrosion, concrete structures have recently had their lifespan decreased in several situations. Due to Dincel’s ability to offer a waterproof protective skin, the possibility of steel reinforcement corrosion is eliminated, enabling an extraordinarily extended lifespan that is at least 120 years in theory.