Concrete Driveways

Driveways are an essential part of a property’s exterior; their role is much more than elevating the curb appeal.

 If you’re building a new property or considering renovating your existing home’s exterior, then the Coalesce team is here for you!

Before you even begin to start your process, make sure that you are extremely careful of the material you choose for your driveway. The two popular materials, asphalt, and concrete, have distinct benefits. Asphalt is considered cheaper initially in most cases, while concrete has a much longer lifespan and is available in a wide range of colors.

As qualified and reliable professionals in this field, the Coalesce team would like to provide you a brief description of the numerous benefits of having a concrete driveway.

Great reflector of heat and light

Concrete driveways are great reflectors of heat. These pavements remain cool during summer and do not over heat due to the absorption of the UV rays. You can walk on a concrete pavement bare foot even on a hot sunny day. Whereas asphalt is a great absorber of heat. This quality can actually be problematic, especially during summers. It will not only keep your house overheated but also absorb all the light. If you’re willing to go for asphalt, then you may require installing additional lights. Concrete driveways are therefore known as energy savers when it comes to their light reflecting quality.

Load bearing capacity

Concrete is a superhero when it comes to strength, it’s strong, rigid and non-flexible which makes them a great at handling heavier loads than asphalt. Since asphalt flexes, heavy loads like trucks can cause rutting and other damages. If you own larger heavier vehicles, or often call for trucks at your property then concrete’s load bearing power is best for you.


Asphalt driveways are known to release evaporative oils within a few days of installation. This substance can get on the shoes and be traced in your home and vehicles. Concrete driveways on the other hand do not produce any such dissolutions. This obviously makes them more durable. A well-maintained concrete driveway can generally last about 30 years because of its ability to resist distortion.


You can design your concrete driveway however you wish to style it. It comes in a range of finishes that can help you select your desirable look to elevate your home’s curb appeal. On the other hand, asphalt comes in black and very few design options.

Easy maintenance

Maintaining a concrete driveway couldn’t be easier. Unlike asphalt, concrete driveways do not require sealing. Asphalt must be resealed in every three to five years while sealing a concrete driveway is completely optional. However, a seal coat to protect it from water penetration will do wonders.

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