Concrete Floating Steps

Can concrete float? Well, not really. Those floating concrete steps look magical though, right? Well, it may look like an optical illusion, in reality, they’re structurally sound. However, the range of designs and creativity they allow is quite enchanting. Here are some modern and popular design ideas, that the Coalesce team has to offer you.

Modern & Popular Design Ideas- Concrete Floating Steps

There isn’t any rule book for creativity and innovation, you can obviously go for modern trends if you like. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t go for anything new. Every trend has a beginning, right? The best part about these concrete floating steps is the opportunity they provide to be as much creative as you like. You can use this technique in any unique and desirable way. These are some of the modern and popular designs that might appeal you or inspire you for creating your own ideas.

Some people install concrete floating steps as part of a Japanese-style garden scheme, while others use them indoors to accent an ultra-modern aesthetic design.

For a garden, you can have concrete steps that appear to float above the gravel, grass, or wood chips below. If you have a grassy slope in the garden, concrete steps become an organic part of the design.

You can have them installed Indoors as well; floating steps are the epitome of elegant beauty. Their geometrical appearance has the power to make your house look sophisticated yet decent.

Concrete floating steps designs can also include stamped, stained, or stenciled concrete. While most examples feature an austere grey or white, you can jazz up your floating concrete steps in circular or other shapes. A splash of colors can do wonders if you wish to add more charm. You can even go for exposed aggregate, which will add a layer of organic texture to your design.

What are the benefits of concrete floating Steps?

Concrete floating steps may seem like they’re resting in mid-air. These give an elegantly delicate and sophisticated look. There’s no doubt they’re exceptionally beautiful but they aren’t really delicate. There’s more to them then their beauty, floating concrete steps are incredibly strong and supportive. While wooden steps can be easily dented or marred, these steps withstand luggage, bumps and bruises from moving furniture and the general ravages of time.

Also, these floating steps can be given a change of style anytime. This means you don’t have to replace your staircase to keep up with the modern trends, you can rather install floating concrete steps and keep them updated with a fresh new coat of paint or design whenever you like. You can even clad them in wood. The versatility of these two materials together makes a winning combination.

Moreover, concrete has this wonderful ability to dry super-fast, this eliminates any delays. Thus, these floating concrete steps can be installed at your place in no time.

Design and construction of floating concrete structures are strategic projects that require sufficient expertise and experienced human resources to perform a cost-effective, safe and efficient service. Coalesce has got you covered in this matter, we specialize in satisfying our costumers whether their installation be related to their house or their business. Our priority is to provide services as per your desire. We value your ideas, if you’re willing to work with a dedicated crew that can bring your ideas to life, give us a call right away!