Concrete Retaining Walls

Simply put, retaining walls hold back earth or soil and keep the area from eroding. Retaining walls are essential and must be strong to hold back so much pressure from the surrounding earth. Concrete is an excellent material for making such strong walls. The Coalesce team members are experts at ensuring that the concrete retaining walls you require are as solid and durable as possible.

Several different kinds of retaining walls are used in construction, and all of them can be easily made from concrete blocks or poured concrete. Coalesce’s team is well-experienced in building strong retaining walls that serve their purpose and look good – complementing your home’s overall landscape.

Gravity Walls

These are particular types of retaining walls that hold back heavy material. They are typically made in concrete which allows them to be thick, allowing for more excellent stability and durability. The mass of these walls can help retain the pressure from up to 3m of land.

The Coalesce team will build a retaining wall for you with a cross-section shape that allows for better stability and will also ensure that the appearance is as you want it to be. You can choose from multiple ways the gravity wall looks, but we suggest using sustainable aspects like exposed aggregates or textured paint to make the wall unique.

Given the pressure exerted on the retaining walls, it is no surprise that architects prefer to insert reinforcement bars. There are varieties of retaining walls based on which kind of reinforcement is used.

There are:

  • Concrete Cantilever retaining wall

This kind of wall is constructed with a base that goes much below the level of excavation. This allows the space to be protected from soil coming in. The cantilever wall can hold back a lot of soil, and the Coalesce team ensures that it is engineered in a way that allows it to hold the weight back and is stable enough not to overturn or slide. Concrete retaining walls built this way are strong and can prevent soil from sliding into your property.

The coalesce team has the expertise, skills, and equipment to make the concrete retaining wall solid and durable. Call us for more information regarding our methodology for putting up these concrete retaining walls.


  • Buttressed retaining wall

These walls are strengthened with counterforts which stiffen tension and reduce the bending and shear stress placed on the wall. The placement of the counterforts is usually at uniform distances to support walls that are more than 8 to 12 m. These walls are generally used in deep excavations or buildings constructed on a slope. The Coalesce team will deliver the project on time using quality materials and modern equipment to ensure that you don’t face any issues.


  • Piling Wall

A piling wall is circular, with the primary purpose to transfer loads from horizontal and vertical vicinities into the spoil. A piling wall will ensure the stability of the excavation or open pits. It prevents buildings from being displaced and keeps any landslide under control. Coalesce experts will determine which kind of retaining wall is best for your property. If these walls are visible as a part of the overall look of your property, then the team will also ensure that the appearance is in line with the aesthetic of your home.

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