Concrete Stairs

Concrete Stairs can surprise you with the number of benefits that they offer. Although the process can be slow, you can expect long-lasting and durable results.

When you choose Coalesce as your construction partner, you can rest assured that you will get a concrete staircase that delivers all the benefits and more.

Why should you have concrete stairs for your home?

There are many reasons why you can choose concrete stairs for your home. Here are some advantages that come with a flight of concrete steps:

Reason No.1

While there is nothing more appealing to walk on than a natural wood staircase, the wood used in the stairs can be expensive and requires maintenance. With wood staircases, you have to ensure that the wood doesn’t get damaged by moisture or get scratched with dust particles rubbing against it as you walk on the stairs.

With concrete stairs, you don’t need to stress about scratches or the way they look. Moreover, if you want the wooden appeal, concrete allows you to use a bit of wood or a wooden laminate that you can use as the top layer for the stairs. Moreover, concrete is versatile in shape because you can mould it as you prefer.

Reason No.2

Concrete Stairs will last you a lifetime. Concrete is a very stable and durable material used for building. Concrete steps require little maintenance other than cleaning, can be painted or laminated as desired, and pose little risk of scratches and damage. Therefore, with concrete, you can be sure that you have a durable and sustainable solution.

Reason No.3

Concrete stairs are great for the environment because they are durable, and you don’t need to invest in their upkeep or replace them, for that matter. 

Why you should choose Coalesce:

We have a great, experienced team that knows how to do the job well and to perfection.

We use only the best quality material because we know that building a house is a labour of love, and it is likely that you will be making your dream home only once in your life.

Being a family business, we are focused on building relationships. We make sure that the concrete steps we deliver are built to last.

How We Work

We start all of our projects with a site visit and a discussion. The plans we propose are based on optimal space utilisation and are designed to fit well within your lifestyle. If you are a young family with children, we will create child-friendly and safe stairs. If you are a couple of adults in the home, we will ensure that the stairs are elegant, functional, and perfectly complement the overall layout of your home.

We are great at collaboration because we know that concrete stairs are only one aspect of your home. So share your design with us, and we will make sure to follow through on the plan. Call us to book a site visit from our team now!