Concrete Steps

Have you ever paid attention to the flight of stairs in your home? It is one feature of your property that you climb on a day-to-day basis which makes it of prime importance even though its core position goes unnoticed.

Why Coalesce is the best in the industry?

Coalesce comprehends the worth of concrete steps that are durable and dependable. This highlights one of its specializations of dealing in customized concrete steps to suit all your requirements. The inclusion of elegant concrete steps will brighten up any staircase, be it new or old. They ensure that it is made of the finest quality concrete and gives a durable platform that can handle a heavy load daily. At the end of the construction, the steps are lightly brushed and edged which reduces slippage and is lastly coated with paint that adds the finishing touch.

Many bespoke and traditional designs can be executed by Coalesce however, the two most popular ones amongst households in Sydney are:

  • Smooth steps
  • Groove steps
Process of working

As the government regulations are very strict in terms of construction in both residential and commercial areas, Coalesce emphasizes the rules set by them and also works tremendously hard to achieve the standards set by the Australian Major Projects Authority (MPA). Below are some of the important rules that the company adheres to and wants its clients to know about it too.

●      Minimum height of the steps:

Concrete steps have a limit starting from 4 inches going to 7 inches, where the former is the minimum limit and the latter is the maximum limit.

●      Ideal angle for the staircase:

Normally the set standard is 30 to 50 degrees. Nonetheless, this is not a fixed number and can be changed depending on the type of stairs and the requirements of the owners.

●      Distance between the steps:

One of the crucial yet undermined aspects is the distance between each step. The general rule of thumb is that the distance is equally spaced and is not less than 16 feet measured from the upper surface of one step to the surface of the step above it. Changes can be implemented depending on the size of the area and the health of the residents.

●      Number of steps in a staircase

The Australian standard for stairs is a maximum of 18 stars in one flight. The flights can be connected using landings or barriers.

Contact us to know more

If you are hooked on the idea of concrete steps then you have made the perfect decision. The staff at Coalesce will make sure that they exceed your expectations and construct the final result that is not only eye-pleasing but also adds a glam and modern touch to your estate. Contact the helpful team and obtain information to get the project started. Customized concrete steps are our niche and the proof of this lies in the testimonials of our satisfied clients and the difficult assignments we have accomplished so far and will continue to do so.