Council Cross Over Concrete

What is council crossover?

The majority of people are unaware of what a crossover is despite having it on their property. Crossovers are one of the most underrated concrete constructions and are mainly referred to as that part of your driveway that intersects with the main road that is managed by the local council. Hence, it is popularly known as council cross concrete.

Benefits of a council cross concrete

It is safe to say that almost every residential household in Sydney has a council crossover. This is due to the numerous advantages of having a spotless and elegantly designed council crossover. Some of these advantages include:

  • The enhanced visual appeal of your home
  • To prevent flooding and improve drainage around the property.
  • It’s better for your car to continually drive over a designated area
  • Creates a safe space for pedestrians to cross
Need for a contractor

However, according to the regulations set by government officials; building, construction, maintenance, and changes of a driveway crossover are the responsibility of the property owners. In addition to this, in the area where the driveway crosses the curb, the owner is also responsible for pathways, waterways, and drainage management systems. Therefore, to free yourself from this burden, hire a team of qualified workers who can carry out these stressful tasks for you.

Why choose Coalesce

Coalesce is an Australian-based company that has a decade of experience in this industry and has a culmination of hardworking individuals and modern equipment, which enables us to take any concrete related problem. We focus on providing pocket and environmentally-friendly solutions to our customers that will prove to be a long-term deliverables.

Method of working

Coalesce ensures that throughout the entire project, minimal disturbance is caused to the owners and the neighbourhood. Hence, below are the methods we strictly abide by to achieve their overall goal.

  • Manage the end-to-end process. This includes seeking permission from the council and liasioning with suppliers and the local authorities. Generally, a single crossover construction does not require Development Approval if it meets the Access Crossovers requirements. But Coalesce ensures that no loopholes are kept open and all the permits are per the guidelines mentioned in Council and Asset Protection Act.
  • The projects are not a job but an art form and a work of passion that we take immense pride in.
  • Aim to complete the work within 14 days of invoice payment
  • Customer satisfaction is guaranteed, based on three main aspects:
    • Quality of material used
    • Efficiency of the labour and managers
    • Certainty that the final look will exceed our client’s expectations.
Readily available at your service

A stitch in time saves nine and if you are eagerly looking to amp up the curb appeal of your house then council crossover is the perfect option. Explore our website, call or email us to book an appointment with our developer and get a free quotation for the expense and design.