Council Driveway

Council Driveway

What are council driveways? Do they require permits from the local council? Here’s all you should know about council driveways Sydney and how having Coalesce on board helps to overcome myriad problems.

What is a council driveway?

It is part the of your driveway that crosses from your property boundary to a council-controlled road. It may include kerbs, channels or footpaths. This section is generally made to get your vehicle from the road to your property driveway. Even though these driveways are designed outside the property, it belongs to the owner of the property.

Is it similar to a standard driveway?

Constructing a council driveways Sydney or repairing is quite similar to a standard driveway. The only prominent difference is that council driveways have a slope leading to the road. There isn’t much difference to it other than that. However, there are certain characteristics of an ideal council driveways Sydney. It should allow water to flow into the drains below the kerbs, so that the water doesn’t pool up.

Do they require council approval?

These driveways maybe the owner’s property, but it still has the involvement of the local councils. All local councils generally set down a few guidelines that need to be followed by residential property owners. If you get any footpath crossings or concrete flat work installed, you should make sure the work is carried out according to the guidelines set by the council, as your work will eventually be inspected by council representatives.

Moreover, when you apply for any vehicle crossing permits, you have to take out your time for some paperwork. Especially, when you’re getting a footpath crossing installed on your property, the approval from the council is necessary. However, if you work with Coalesce, we’ll take those procedures upon us. Our professionals are well aware of all the aspects this job is relevant to. They’ll manage to efficiently handle such things on your behalf.

Our work ethics

Coalesce’ work efficiency is proven to be outstanding because of its resources. We have the best technology here and we make use of high-quality materials for our projects. Our crew is highly skilled and experienced. We understand that poor workmanship can cause inefficient services and early deterioration of the features. Therefore, We’re remain sincere to our commitments and do not compromise on our performance quality. If you wish to work with us, give us a call!