Exposed Aggregate Concrete

One of the best materials for building sidewalks, pavements, and other exterior surfaces is concrete. Most individuals always aim to improve the aesthetics of their concrete surfaces through various finishing methods. Our exposed concrete aggregate services can help with that. The plain grey concrete you are used to seeing can be replaced with exposed aggregate concrete.

Do you intend to spend money on concrete to enhance the aesthetics of your house or place of business? If so, you can choose from a variety of concrete design options, such as stamped concrete, exposed aggregate, architectural, smooth, and broom finish concrete. The hardest-working, simplest to maintain, and color-retaining material is exposed aggregate.

Providing a variety of exposed aggregate concrete-related services, Coalesce is a full-service concrete provider. Whether you want to build a deck, a walkway, or even a driveway, our technicians are prepared to tackle any project. We recognize that exposed concrete aggregate has become more popular in recent years despite being one of the oldest techniques, first used in the 1990s, and we are prepared to set ourselves apart from the competition. In terms of exposed concrete aggregate contractors, we are the best.

In every one of our projects, we take pride. In all we do, our consumers come first. We have extensive knowledge of concrete services. Regardless of how large or small, the work is, our crew is equipped to manage it.

How do we install exposed concrete aggregate?

Water, cement, and fine or coarse aggregate are mixed to create concrete as the first step in the process. The contractor next spreads the mixture over the area that had already been prepared, where it settles and dries. The settled and dried concrete does not go through the smoothing and surface compacting steps that are typically involved in concrete installation.

Instead, the concrete mixture’s topcoat is taken off to reveal the aggregates that were added when the concrete’s parts were mixed. In order to give the exposed aggregate a glossy and finished appearance, it may be polished or left in its natural state.

What are the benefits of concrete aggregate installation?

Anywhere around your house is a good place to add exposed concrete aggregate. You could install it, for instance, on walkways, driveways, patios, pool decks, and plazas. The benefits of using exposed aggregate concrete are listed below.

  • It enhances your home’s aesthetic appeal. Your surroundings might change, and you can get a distinctive style thanks to exposed concrete aggregate. Furthermore, polished exposed concrete aggregate is comparable to marble or granite in appearance. Exposed concrete aggregate is therefore a decorative method.
  • Its installation around your home raises its value, particularly if you plan to sell it.
  • It is also very sturdy and non-skid. Because of this, it is the ideal finish for flat work. Heavy traffic and harsh weather conditions do not degrade the sturdy, non-slip surface.
  • Exposed aggregate contrasts wonderfully with bare concrete and other improving treatments and is very flexible.
  • Because exposed aggregate finishing around your property just needs occasional cleaning, it should be taken into consideration.
Our Exposed Concrete Aggregate Services

The services offered by Coalesce go beyond installing exposed concrete aggregate. For anything related to this service, we will provide support in any way. Therefore, in addition to installation services, we also offer exposed aggregate concrete consultations and services for both residential and commercial buildings. Concerning the installation of concrete aggregate, we are always delighted to speak with prospective customers.

Why should you hire us over other concrete companies?

As a leading authority on concrete, we have a wealth of knowledge and skill in exposed concrete aggregate. We also assist you in choosing the most effective strategy for achieving your project objectives. Please take note that our consultation services are not required. In order to receive the services before or during the professional installation, you do not need to make any financial commitments.

However, as soon as you choose to work with our specialists, we will arrange a site inspection and provide you with an estimate based on your demands. Any exposed aggregate concrete installation can be handled by our trained team, and we always provide top-notch services.

Our mission has always been to give our clients the greatest service imaginable while keeping costs down and using the highest quality supplies. On all of our work, we give a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We promise that when we’re done, you’ll be happy. Therefore, don’t be reluctant to give us a call right away; we would love to come out and provide you with a free quote on your project.