Polish Concrete

Are you looking for the perfect flooring for your house? Do you believe that polished concrete flooring can add aesthetic and architectural value to your space?

If the answer to the above questions is yes, then Coalesce is indeed the right choice to turn your dreams into reality. As the name suggests, at Coalesce we use a combination of distinct elements to create polished concrete flooring to suit your needs, be it either commercial, industrial or residential.

3 types of polished concrete flooring
  1. Residential flooring: 
    This design of flooring is an ideal solution for your home. The staff at Coalesce facilitates you to select flooring that is not only durable and practical but also appealing to the eye and easy to clean.
  2. Commercial flooring:
    At Coalesce we help our customers to design and plan a concrete floor keeping in mind their requirements for any commercial premises such as supermarkets, schools, industries, offices, hospitals, bars, gyms, shopping areas, restrooms and even restaurants.
    We even provide an option to cater for their needs by arranging a 3D module of the design, to give a visual aid to them about how the finished product would look like.
  3. Industrial flooring:
    Coalesce takes immense happiness and satisfaction to show its concrete polished surface that suits all industrial areas, such as garages, storage units, workshops, warehouses and manufacturing departments.
Process at Coalesce

Strict control measures at Coalesce make sure that there is no compromise on quality. Our team of experienced individuals is always geared up for the skilful execution of directions. They work hard and deliver budget-friendly flooring solutions. Our competitive price ascertains that the customers receive the best, both in terms of flooring design and value for money.

They ensure that your project will last a lifetime.

The Final Look

Polish finishing by Coalesce gives your home or business the desired look and feel you wished for. A vast variety of finishes for polished concrete flooring are available, giving you a diverse range to choose from. The most popular choices among our clientele are matte, semigloss, high glass, burnished, pavilion, anti-slip, floor coating and acid etched. The above-mentioned are one of the few customized looks we offer, however, our trained team members can also depict any design that you have already decided upon.

Available at your service 24/7

Why wait? Get your dream project started by contacting us for a consultation and a quote for all your concrete-related issues. Our success rate is gauged by the latest methods we implement to breathe air into the customer’s vision and bring it to life. The owners of Coalesce strive each day to provide comfortable homes and business spaces and are extremely thankful to their staff for their dedication to fulfilling their mission and to their customers for showing their immense trust in our work.