Stamp Concrete

Are you confused about what kind of elevation you need for your estate? Are you struggling to choose the perfect company to execute the projects? Don’t worry as you have landed in the right place. Coalesce is a renowned and certified construction organization which aims to solve all concrete and design-related issues. Be it a residential or a commercial property, the team of experts at Coalesce is ready for all types of challenges and will provide you with the finest result.

Why should you opt for Stamp Concrete?

One of the most popular choices among many customers is stamp concrete which creates a three-dimensional multi-tone effect with the authentic appearance of slate, stone, and brick textures. Like every other pattern concrete design, stamp pattern concrete had both positives and negatives. These include:

●      Pros
  • It is less expensive than real stone, brick, or pavers.
  • Improves outdoor areas and increases the value of your residence
  • Provides essentially unlimited design and colour options, which from an aesthetic point of view is very crucial.
  • When treated with a non-skid chemical, it becomes slip-resistant.
  • Is long-lasting and robust.
  • When sealed, it is simple to maintain.
●      Cons
  • Cannot be carried out by an individual and hence, can be only carried out by qualified individuals.
  • Periodic cleaning and resealing are recommended.
  • Extreme weather conditions can cause slight damage.
  • Repairs might be challenging.

However, the benefits outweigh the disadvantages as the repair and maintenance work can be assigned to a responsible and trusted company, thus relieving you of the burden.

Method of working

Coalesce, over the years, has been able to acquire modern and heavy machinery that is essential for all concrete tasks. Their staff is full-equipped and trained to handle all the equipment ensuring a smooth and flawless process. Following are the steps diligently followed to make a beautiful and amazing stamp concrete.

  1. We pour the cement into the area but make sure it’s not less than 4 inches.
  2. Then we add the colour of your choice. There are many methods to incorporate the colour and our workers use the most effective method according to your design.
  3. Next is the application of the colour release agent which gives the stamped concrete dimension, and due to the nonstick effect, it allows the textured mats to be easily peeled off without pulling up the cement.
  4. When the cement is dried, the colour release is pressure washed with water.
  5. Last is the process of sealing. This ensures that the concrete gets tough and strong to be able to walk on it. Generally, it will take 48 hours to drive on it and about a month to fully cure it.

Stamp concrete often referred to as imprint or texture concrete, when used in either industrial or suburban properties, produces decorative and imaginative finishes that surpass alternative concrete options and fresh concrete in terms of appearance.

A step towards your dream
If you have decided on the design or have some mixed feelings about it, call Coalesce or survey the website to clear your doubts and take a step forward into ticking your wish from the bucket list.