Stencil Concrete

Bored of the plain and monotonous concrete design on your property’s surface? Then rejuvenate the area with stencil pattern concrete. One of the most flexible, disposable and cost-effective ways to jazz up the space as it is available in multiple designs and shades.

Coalesce is a leading Australian company that provides all types of paving services however, specializes in concrete stencils. Following are a few designs amongst the whole variety which they offer and are extremely popular in Sydney.

  • Bedrock: a stencil that projects a beautiful and natural stone look, especially when teamed with a sandstone or charcoal colour. It is mainly used in retaining walls, outdoor kitchens and to cover the area around pools.
  • Ashlar slate: this is the latest and unique stencil that gives the effect of a hand-chiseled stone when put in rectangular blocks. It is a popular choice for driveways and pool decks.
  • Basketweave: this is an old-fashioned and traditional design that portrays a more structured look and is highly recommended when used alongside a brick header stencil as a border on driveways.
  • Stone stencil: a conventional and rustic design that is one of the leading choices for concrete overlay.
  • Cobblestone: a stencil that is great for creating prominent borders, showcasing a tumbled and aged appearance. For a dramatic Zen-like feature, try creating a circular design or a fan pattern on the property floor.
  • Sydney tile: this is one of the modern features that have a series of octagons with diamonds to break up each tile. It is highly used for kitchen areas, entry halls and patios. If you are looking for a sophisticated look for your concrete, then this is the optimal option you will ever find.

If you have another idea, don’t hesitate and discuss it with our team of designers and professionals who will guide and help you make the best decision to elevate your property.

Process of installing stencils:

Stencil pattern concrete is an innovative paving concept that displays a uniform structure to the design and presents a stunning urban and commercial-purpose landscape. Despite being a procedure that involves very few steps that you can DIY, it’s always better to hire a team of experts such as Coalesce. As work carried out by them ensures perfection, neatness and actions to all the minute details, all under the umbrella of being delivered on time. The steps involved are:

  1. A specially curated stencil, chosen by you is laid across the freshly poured concrete and gently graved into the surface.
  2. Following that two layers of colour hardener are then applied.
  3. When the hardener has dried out, the stencil pattern is removed revealing the finished look.
  4. Finally, two coats of sealer are applied to protect the floor from staining and also enhance the colour of the design.

Coalesce takes extreme pride in providing high-quality services to their customers that meet the Australian construction requirements too. Don’t delay, contact us and let’s join hands to incorporate intricate and decorative flooring into your humble abode with the use of stencils.